Expeditions: Rome – How to Get Asia Minor’s Artifacts and Unique Items

A guide on how to get Asia Minor’s artifacts and unique items in Expeditions: Rome.

How to Get Asia Minor’s Artifacts and Unique Items

Here’s just about everything for Asia Minor. I’m not doing a comparison right now, or saying which weapon is better. Unless I do so anyways. I’ll try to go in order of when you can obtain these, but due to the open nature of the game, you can pretty much nab all of them. I’m just going to say ‘Someone’ if I don’t want to spoil anything.

List of Artifacts and Unique Items

Someone’s Sword

  • Gained through main story, last mission on the island you are on (Can kill or capture to gain it). I will note this sword is great due to being able to bleed on hit and gouge skill, which increases damage if enemy is bleeding. Really strong in Bestia’s hands. Unmissable.

Companions’ armors

  • You can dismantle their golden outfits to gain a schematic that lets you reforge them into something better and has unique skills. Requires a forge.


  • RNG drop from enemies. Probably one of the better swords for a tank.

Token of Libitina (Amulet)

  • From the warehouse on the island you started the game on. Head back there after you’re able to leave and you can pick this up. Might just be time based on when it’ll appear in some ashes. If you want a bloody game, this is what to go for.

Temple of Apollon Area

Eritha’s Medallion

  • During your mission to stop reinforcements coming in, you have several ways to approach getting to the leader of this area. If you have Pathos, you can gain this item from the lady without violence; otherwise the only way to gain it is by killing them.

Eurbytus’ Bow

  • Pick up the pick ax near the temple that is on fire; next head towards a spot where the ground can be interacted with. Get the capstone ability for the Marksman, and this will literally never stop firing arrows anytime you use Overwatch or Interrupt.

Staff of Asclepius

  • Either follow through with luring that Someone into an ambush with forged documents, or you can just head to that location to the southeast of the temple; it’s in the only chest in the area.

Fishing Village Area

Occam’s Razor

  • Inside the fishing village there is a place blocked off by a guard. Kinda need to kill him to get in there. It’s in a chest in the back of this house.

Traitor’s Armor

  • Proceed with the main quest in this area. Can’t miss.

Spear of Someone

  • Near the fancy house, there is a dead tree, where you can find an object that gives you a riddle. Now enjoy figuring it out or googling it, because I’m not spoiling it here. It’s really good though.


  • While in the fishing village, near the market, you can find a woman selling wine. The wine that is quite expensive (I think around 3k?) can be bought and brought to Lucullus who is still on the island. Check back sometime in your camp and this will be waiting for you as a gift.

Other Areas

Someone’s Pike

  • Proceed with the main story. When you’re at a school, you’ll know you’re in the right area. As a hint go and complete Divide And Conquer first, and all the quests that one brings. Unmissable.

Someone’s Crown

  • This is getting into heavy spoiler territory. When deciding on going after the supplies or a ship, if you choose the supplies you will be able to gain this item.

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