Evolution Tips-Sd Gundam G Generation Cross Rays

This quick guide informs you about Sd Gundam G Generation Cross Rays. Let’s examine evolution tips.

  • Evolve the Phoenix Gundam to its “Full Power” form asap, since the Full Power form will then be able to evolve into the main gundams of the main series of the game.
  • Before evolving a MS into a new form you can check the new form details, including weapons, innate abilities and even which will be its future evolutions when levelled (even though it’s very likely that those will be obscured, it’s still a hint at what you could be getting next).
  • Don’t sleep on the gallery function, as it can give you precious hints at what you need to obtain a specific MS.

And also can be added:

  • raid attacks and ship raid attacks which are very useful when fighting multiple enemies at once. Once you have 2 full squads on your ship, it is possible to attack up to 8+ enemies within the area of the ship.
  • Also it is good to develop into different forms to explore different evolution trees although they may not be good but its a good way to expend your production range.
  • Having a SNS help give a movement boost as well.
  • Skills are important too as they can help boost damage, heal, dodge rate, exp rates and all sorts.
  • MS that are sortied from the warship can return to heal up and restore EN.
  • Units who support an attack or a counter of another unit and the target is killed seem to gain xp, even if they didn’t initiate the attack/was the target of the attack (had characters and ms level up after a kill when they were in support attack/counter).

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