Evil Genius 2 – How to Get Lots of Money in 3 Minutes

A guide on how to get lots of money in 3 minutes (in Evil Genius 2).

How to Get Lots of Money in 3 Minutes

Whilst you only have the 1st level of Criminal network and the most basic schemes, your two money making options are, typically:

Send 3 Workers, for 3 minutes and get $10,000/15 heat.


Send 3 Workers, for 30 minutes and get $20,000/30 heat.

It is worthless to use the 30-minute option, as over those 3 minutes you’re gonna earn 3 guards anyway, so one you have 3/4 criminal networks setup you can launch the 3 for 3 = $10,000 dollars option on network A and B, then launch it on networks C and D when A and B finish, then when heat gets too high, you just pay the $10,000 to clear all the heat on 10 seconds, which you should be doing on the Criminal Networks that are having downtime anyway, so you have a constant trickle of cash to fund your early game building.

By Tony Kebell

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