Evil Genius 2: World Domination – Doors Guide

This guide helps on doors in Evil Genius 2: World Domination.

Doors Guide

In the previous game doors were good for slowing down agents, but also for locking minions in/out of a room. Something a lot of people may also overlook is that doors were useful for containing explosions. This is one of the reasons I didn’t put the highest security laser barriers everywhere, because they did not stop explosions and you’d end up with a chain of explosions setting fires all over your base very easily.

Now I can’t guess how explosions will work in EG 2, although I’m confident it will be similiar, if not identical, so you’d want a door to keep your power plant from catching on fire from an explosion down the hall (by Shalmendo).

Security, Doors, Guards

They were also useful for posting guards to create choke points that were never unmanned.

Also agents are attracted to higher security rating doors in that they believe you are hiding things there.

Proper use of doors in the previous game you would set up high security rating doors that led no where or into traps and agents would wander down tangents wasting their own time unlocking doors to nowhere.

Then around a bend with door (to attract less attention) then you start setting up your real doors, not as high security (again to attract less attention) but with guards posted, so just in case they did decide to go that way, there were guards to stop them.

Deeper inside the base where most normal agents should never reach, doors are there to contain explosions in the event that a super agent does manage to penetrate deep enough for sabotage, but also because doors break line of site.

If the heat and notoriety work anything like before, agents would gather evidence and escape, if they just walk in see everything and leave, you’re fully exposed. If they walk in see maybe one thing and a bunch of doors before escaping, you weren’t nearly as compromised

Doors are literally how you control access to everything (by Kunovega).

Agents, Doors

Different doors also do different stuff. Physical ones stop non-thieves and saboteurs, but laser ones stop thieves and saboteurs.

There is no one size fits all solution unlike EG 1 where you place lasers everywhere but the explodey parts of the base (by Murder Mountain).

Indeed – choosing the right doors to stop enemy Agents is all a part of the fun!

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