EVERSPACE™ 2 – What Differs Early Access from Full Version

This guide contains what the early access differs from full version (EVERSPACE™ 2).

What Differs Early Access from Full Version

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

  • “Throughout Early Access, we will iterate on core gameplay mechanics, UI/UX, as well as world design and overall game performance on a monthly basis as needed.
  • New features and content will be gradually added through quarterly updates:
  • More star systems, locations, enemies, activities etc. (8 star systems planned for v1.0)
  • More player ship subclasses and tiers (9 subclasses with 4 tiers each planned for v1.0)
  • More ship customization options
  • More player levels (max player level 30 planned for v1.0)
  • More items and resources incl. Legendary gear
  • More player perks (6 x 3 perk upgrade options planned for v1.0)
  • More companion characters incl. perks to upgrade (6 companions planned for v1.0)
  • More challenges
  • More main and side mission story content (30+ hours of story content planned for v1.0)
  • More situational commentary from Adam and Hive
  • More interesting jobs and factions
  • More alien creatures
  • Natural phenomena like lightning fields, black holes, solar storms, etc.
  • Fast Travel system
  • Different Outlaw factions with different tech
  • Better trading opportunities, price tracking, trade routes
  • Quest inventory
  • Codex
  • Game difficulty setting
  • Worthwhile endgame content and activities


  • UI and text language support for German (as well as professional voice dubbing), French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
  • Mac and Linux support

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