EVERSPACE 2 – How to Boost FPS and Performance

A guide on how to boost FPS/performance in EVERSPACE 2.

How to Boost FPS and Performance

A guide to get more fps by switching to DX11, settings and their FPS impact.

Devs Information

Rockfish Studios Community Representative stated 22.01.21 that there are problems with DX12 and framerates. He recomended everyone to switch to DX11 for the time being.

I want to explain to the community how to do it, even though it has already been done in another guide and said often in the forums, but in different context.

Switching to DX11 for the Biggest FPS Boost

Step 1

Right click on Everspace 2 in the steam library and click on “Properties”.

Step 2

Now type “-dx11” without the quotes into the box, as shown on the immage.

That’s it! Start it up, and hopefully it humms.

Graphical Settings, and Their Impact

Ordered by FPS impact

Volumetrics: Very High impact. Depending on location.

  • Low->Medium: ~1 FPS
  • Medium->High: 5 FPS
  • High->Epic: 7 FPS
  • Total: 13 FPS.

Effects: High impact.

  • Low->Medium: 0 FPS
  • Medium->High: 6 FPS
  • High->Epic: ~1 FPS
  • Total: 7 FPS

View Distance: Very Low impact. Depending on location.

  • Only ~3 FPS total.

Textures: Very Low impact.

  • Only ~2 FPS total.

Anti-Aliasing: Very Low impact.

  • Only ~1 FPS total.

Post Processing: Very Low impact.

  • Only ~1 FPS total.

Shading: Very Low impact.

  • Only ~1 FPS total.
  • *FPS values tested on my rig. They may differ on yours.
  • **Tested in “Alcyone Station” location with MSI Afterburner, while making loops arround the map.

Testing Rig

A very modest, low-medium end PC.

  • GPU: MSI GamingX Gtx 970 – STILL waiting for 3080’s prices to be reasonable or in stock.
  • CPU: i7 9700k.
  • Game storage: WD Red SA500 2TB M.2 SSD.
  • RAM: 32GB Hyper-X Fury 2666 MHz (Although 16 GB of this I use as Ram Cache).
  • OS: 2x2TB Seagate Baracuda HDD (Raid 0).
  • Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix B365-F GAMING.

by $P00KY DA $CARY

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