EVERSPACE™ 2 – Crafting Guide

This guide will help you on crafting in EVERSPACE™ 2.

Crafting Guide

Crafting isn’t super-duper deep, but it is beneficial. Basically, you can dismantle items for “Craft XP” which you use to unlock blueprints for the specific item you want to learn how to craft, after you’ve unlocked it you just have to get the right crafting components (gained by dismantling equipment (Which you will get a LOT of). It works in a tier system so if you dismantle a common item you get common material, epic item epic material, etc (JahnTheMan).

Adding to this, crafted items will have your level but cannot get further modified. There are also additional options to uplevel an item, increase rarity or downlevel an item (so you can use it on your current level) (punisher).

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