Eternal Battlefield – How to Get Highest Level (Rank-Up)

Hi everyone. Today I am gonna show you the newly released Eternal Battlefield is eye-catching. This guide will show how to get the highest level in your lobby and win to rank up (95% Win-Rate). Before the topic, I want to introduce the game:

About Eternal Battlefield

In the 8 minutes of the game, you can direct hundreds of unique soldiers and powerful heroic leaders against other players. The game simplifies the management and resource allocation based on the classic real-time strategy game, but keep the war excitement of real-time strategy game as much as possible. It is also our exploration of the instant battle game’s future.

Troop management:

Choose a hero and six battle units that match your play style from three races before the match start.

Adjust your troop composition during the match to win the battle.

Legion Battle:

This is a game that needs to co-op with your teammate. Keep watching your teammate and assist him when fighting with your enemy legion can enforce you and your teammate’s legion and win the match.

How to get the highest level in your lobby and win to rank up (95% Win rate)

This is a Guide on how to get top in your lobby within Seconds every single time and have a win rate of at least 95% in 5 Simple steps. I’m going to start this of by saying this guide is for new players if you are above Gold V you probably won’t find these tips useful.

Step 1:

Don’t waste any time farming! Start Farming as soon as the mobs spawn.

Step 2:

Click RMB after every pair of mobs you kill to start building your army.

Step 3:

As soon as you hit level one hit your 3 Button, make sure you save at least 10 Souls before you do so, and Resurrect after you hit 3.

Step 4:

Make sure you do all the mini-bosses and stuff on the map.

Step 5:

Repeat everything if needed and don’t be afraid to go for fights.

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