Escape Simulator – How to Get Tokens (Edgewood Mansion: The Attic)

A guide on how to get tokens (edgewood mansion: the attic) in Escape Simulator.

How to Get Tokens

Edgewood Mansion: The Attic

Level-specific achievement: Writer

Fill an entire sheet of paper on the typewriter. Find paper in the right drawer below it. Insert paper into the typewriter and press any random buttons on it until you are done.

Token 1 / 8 – on a ceiling bar:

Token 2 / 8 – inside the left wall lamp on the side with the male portrait:


Token 3 / 8 – on the bottom of the clock on the desk:

Token 4 / 8 – inside the purple jack in the box to the right of the previous token:


Token 5 / 8 – to the right of the previous, on the bottom left side of the projector cabinet:


Token 6 / 8 – on the doll house (on top of the dresser), in the upper part of the window:

Token 7 / 8 – inside rabbit lock box drawer, in the top right drawer of the dresser:

Token 8 / 8 – inside “babushka” matryoshka in the bottom right compartment of the dresser:

Open the globe by clicking locations in this order: China -> USA -> Brazil -> South Africa -> England. You receive a light bulb.

Open the rabbit lockbox in the right dresser drawer using code 2-4-8-1 (obtained by typing code 5-3-9-7 on the lockbox proper using the typewriter and paper). Take the projector lens.

Open the lock on the left dresser drawer: 2-7-5 (solution from counting the lit windows on the doll house above). Take the first film reel.

Open the toys box using the jack in the box codes: 2-4-6 (solution from “beloved children” letter and trying after how many rotations the different jack-in-the-box toys pop out). Take the horse toy.

Take the key on the back of the mirror on the dresser; this opens the left drawer under the typewriter. Take the second film reel from that drawer.

Assemble the projector: one film reel from the desk, the other one from the dresser drawer; the light bulb from inside the globe, and the projector lens from the rabbit lock box in the top right drawer of the dresser.

Insert the toys as follows to finish the level (solution from the family portrait left of the typewriter):

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