Escape from Tarkov (Cracked) – How to Fix Exception Message and Install the Game

A guide on how to fix errors and exception message, and install Escape from Tarkov (Cracked).

How to Install the Game

  • Download the cracked game.
  • Start “\AKI-Server-A6\Server.exe”, Don’t Close it.
  • Start “\Client.\Launcher.exe”.
  • Select “Edge Of Darkness” in Edition, Then click “Register”. Start Game

How to Fix Errors

If your game stuck in “Show Menu”, just open Launcher and check top right corner there is settings, click it, then press clean temp files and game setting. Game will works fine now.

Try to run the “server.exe” and ’Launcher.exe’ game as admin, or if you have game in “C:”, try move it to another hard drive. Ex: “D:”

Open settings in “Launcher’ then clean temp files and setting, by the way, remove registry key too (option in settings’, then i close everything and then start server then launcher, works fine after.

How to Fix Exception Message

Copy-paste from EscapeFromTarkov_Data/Managed/ into the same directory where Launcher.exe is located:


by trifecthuh

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  1. also, this needs to be done along with it :
    1. right-click on the escape from tarkov folder
    2. select properties from the menu right at the bottom the general tab go all the way to the bottom and make sure both the boxes beside “Attributes” are unchecked-
    a. read-only
    b.hidden apply from the bottom yes when the next pop-up appears prompting to “apply to all files and sub-folders”

    That should fix every problem in the launch error

    If that doesn’t fix it also check the Windows Defender for any blocked processes
    or files from the folder of escape from tarkov.

    If that doesn’t fix it consider deleting the game folder, remove settings from the documents folder under the subfolder “Escape from Tarkov” and then copy all the contents into a new folder of your choice

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