Enemy On Board – Being a Spider (Secret) and Alternative Controls

Being a spider is more effective than a infestor. Also, there is no WASD in Enemy On Board. This is so problem while gaming. This guide will help you on these.

Being a Spider (Secret)

The secret is to not play infestor.

As simple as it seems, it is super effective, as with being a spider, nobody knows that you laid the egg if you have a noggin!

With the leech, just make sure you go and do a generator with someone else that isn’t the other alien!

But as infestor, you will be one of the only ones if you don’t play it right to be pinged, and so suspicions would be super high as opposed to the others!

By Terrezed

Default PC Controls

Ability (Alien)
Transform (Alien)
Text Chat
Text Chat (Alien)
Drop Item
Pick Up
Switch Item
Voice (Alien)
Equip Slot 1
Equip Slot 2
Select Alien Type 1
Select Alien Type 2
Select Alien Type 3
Mouse 1
Mouse 0
Alpha 1
Alpha 2
ALpha 3
ALpha 4
ALpha 5

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The movement and control system is actually the worst part of this game.

If not WASD, make it so clicking a point causes your character to move to that point without having to hold the mouse button down, like any RTS or MOBA game already does. This is the only way that type of movement system makes sense. Having to hold the movement button down constantly is extremely awkward when it comes to interacting with anything with any kind of finesse. It feels like I’m driving a racecar, not moving a person with legs.

If the game had WASD movement, the gameplay would be way different, because you can dodge and aim in different directions at the same time. Using guns would be pointless this way and some other mechanics would be too weak or too powerful.

Devs mentioned they might add WASD movement in one of the different game modes in the future.

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