Endzone – A World Apart – Basic Tips (How to Survive)

Basic tips for Endzone – A World Apart will help you on how to survive.

Basic Tips (How to Survive)

Common Mistakes

In the beginning build up to ten houses! You don’t have to house all you settlers, if you house everyone your population will get out of control. Settlers will only raise children when they live in a house, they do not raise children in the shelter, build houses slowly after the first ten.

Building radiation suits in the beginning, this is a waste of resources concentrate on making Activated Carbon Masks after season 20. Season 100 I’ve only needed to make a few Radiation Suits for expeditions.

Make sure to have a good supply of herbs, this will keep your settlers healthy.

Don’t spend all your time trying to clear radiation from your settlement, worry about farms and move hunter work areas to less radiated places. The first level of protective clothing is enough for your settlers in the beginning.

Place your Jetty and cistern like this for optimal water collection. Cistern entrance facing the jetty, well entrance facing the cistern.

Build Order

Don’t forget to use the gather wood, scrap etc tasks in the beginning.

  • Two 8×16 or 10×10 farms (assign 1 setter to each farmer).
  • Jetty.
  • Cistern (3 water carriers).
  • Well (1 well keeper).
  • Fishing Hut (2 fisherman).
  • Forester’s Lodge (1 Forester, cut only).
  • Scrapyard (1 Scrap Collector).

Upgrade to Mounted Bus for extra storage and a confidence bonus.

  • Gather’s Cabin (1 Gatherer).
  • Hunting Lodge (1 Hunter).
  • 2xRecycler (2 refiners). Cloth to begin with.
  • Taylor’s Shop ( 2 Tailors).
  • Herbal Hut (1 Healer).
  • Workshop (1 Technician). Assign one of your previously built recyclers to metal for building materials. Then assign it back to cloth once the Workshop is built.

Assign another two settlers as water carriers and one more gatherer.

  • Charcoal Burner (1 Charcoal Burner) use for Activated Carbon Masks and water filtration.
  • Graveyard (1 Mortician).
  • Recycler (plastic) assign 1 refiner.
  • Recycler (Electronic) assign 1 refiner.
  • Hospital (1 Medic).

Keep an eye on food, water and assign settlers where needed.

Please help other survivors in the comments section.

by Alex

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