Enderal Forgotten Stories – Console Commands and Cheats

This guide is about console commands and cheats which are worked in Enderal: Forgotten Stories.

Console Commands and Cheats

These console commands have the potential to break your game so don’t hold me responsible for that!

Quest console commands

Manually set a stage in a quest to complete buggy objectives:

setstage {QUEST ID} {Objective Number}

For example: “setstage MQ08Prologue 45”

Find out all stages of a quest:

player.sqs {QUEST ID}

For example: “player.sqs MQ08Prologue”

“Useful” commands

Change FOV:


Changes field of vision without need of opening options.

Disable all UI:


Toggles on and off all UI. Useful for screenshots.

Clear blood effects from screen:


Clears all blood effects on players screen.

No clip mode:


Toggles on and off no clip mode so you can phase through objects.


set timescale to {0 – 24}

For example, “set timescale to 10” means every real life minute will mean 10 in-game minutes will pass.

Set time:

set gamehour to {Gamehour}

For example, “set gamehour to 0800” sets time to 8 AM.

See characters inventory:


Disable grass:


Toggles on and off grass.

Disable trees:


Toggles on and off trees.

Disable water:


Toggles on and off water.

Reset a characters inventory:


Restores the target’s inventory to its original state.

Change sex of your character:


Changes the sex of your character (only body).

Place NPCs or enemies or items at player:

player.placeatme {Item/NPC ID} {Number}

Places items or NPCs next to the player.

Set player size:

player.setscale {Height number}

Makes the player bigger or smaller. I believe 1 is default size(?)

Items console commands

Add any item (you will need item codes):

player.additem {ITEM NAME or CODE} {Number of items}

Add coins:

player.additem f {Number of coins}

Add lockpicks:

player.additem a {Number of lockpicks}

Remove an NPCs items:


You have to click on the NPC after bringing up the console.

Player modifications

Increase health, stamina and/or mana:

player.setav {health or stamina or magicka} {Number you want}

For example, “player.setav health 1500” sets your health to 1500.

Increase Carry Weight:

player.modav carryweight {Number you want}

Memory points:

set talentpoints to {Number of points wanted}

Crafting points:

set Handwerkspunkte to {Number of points wanted}

Player level:

player.setlevel {Level wanted}

Player speed:

player.setav speedmult {Speed percentage}

For example, “player.setav speedmult 200” is double normal speed.


God mode:


Toggles god mode on and off.

Unlock all map markers:

tmm {1 or 0}

Toggles all map markers. 1 unlocks all map markers and 0 hides all map markers.

Unlock all spells:


Make NPC’s immortal:

setessential {NPC ID} {1 or 0}

1 means immortal, 0 makes them killable. NOT TESTED YET

Make followers/NPCs immune to damage and staggering:

setghost {0 or 1}

Click on the NPC you want to make immune to damage and staggering. 1 means immune and 0 means they take damage. NOT TESTED YET

Toggle on and off AI:


Toggles off all AI, freezing everyone. NOT TESTED YET

Toggle on and off hostile AI:


Toggles off all hostile AI. NOT TESTED YET

Kill an enemy or NPC:


Need to click on the NPC after opening console.

Resurrect an NPC:


Need to click on the NPC after opening console.

Unlock locked doors and chests and lock them:


lock {0-100 Difficulty}

Need to click on the object first.

Cheat items

Main command:

player.additem {Item code} {No. of item}

E.g. “player.additem 149676 1” adds a single Memory book to add one skill point to the character.

How to find item codes:

help {Items name} 0

Useful item IDs:

Learning books:
149676 – Learning Book +1 Memory Point
CE135 – Learning Book: +2 Learning Points

This is the ending of Enderal Forgotten Stories – Console Commands and Cheats guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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