Empire of Sin – Making Fast Money without Trainer or Cheats

This guide helps on how to make fast money without cheat or trainer in Empire of Sin.

Making Fast Money without Trainer

Trading Swill at Whisky Prices

This can be done Regardless of which boss you choose.

Once you have finished the tutorial (or skipped it) start exploring the map. Depending on your game settings The neighbourhood you start in should have 2 major factions, and one minor faction.

You want to meet all the factions locally, then spread further out as you need more alcohol so it gives time for them to build up their reserves again.

Once you have met some, and gone for a sit down (don’t get into combat with the factions) then your ready. Once you have at least one faction, and one minor faction you can begin. The reason why we need a minor faction is they have unlimited money so they will always buy!

Start by buying all the swill off the faction. The barrels are worth roughly $2.00 each. Don’t be afraid to give them a little extra cash on top as it will help the trade score.

Once you have bought all the swill you can simply open up the trade screen again select the minor faction and as you select the swill to sell it, change the packaging to whisky. The AI will offer you whisky prices for swill. Accept the trade

And done. You’ve bought the cheapest booze you can, and sold it to a smaller faction for inflated prices.

Your capped early in the game at around 150 barrels, so once the snowball starts and your trading your limit it should generate you roughly 7 thousand dollars each trade (not bad for a cost of 300 dollars).

As you explore more of the map, and meet new factions they will boost your trading by letting you rinse wash and repeat with fresh swill while you wait for others to grow there reserves again.

The game will continue while your trading and eventually if you fall behind factions will come looking for a fight, so don’t forget to use the money to upgrade your buildings and visit the black market.

Of course once you get your brewery’s up and running, you can just sell your own swill as whisky without buying it.

by Swolo_Baggins

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