ELDEN RING – How to Use Bloody Finger (Unlimited Invasions)

A guide on how to use unlimited invasions (bloody finger) in Elden Ring.

How to Use Bloody Finger (Unlimited Invasions)

Bloody Finger allows us to invade an unlimited number of times and start our PvP crusade in Elder Ring.

All you have to do is complete a quest line of NPC named White Faced Varre.

  1. Defeat Godrick the Grafted at Stormveil Castle
  2. Travel to Roundtable Hold and speak with Finger Reader Enia for the first time and examine two fingers.
  3. Travel to Rose Church and speak with White-Faced Varre (screenshot below)

He’ll give you a 5 consumed items – Festering Bloody Fingers

  1. Use Festering Bloody Fingers at least 3 times.
  2. Speak with White-Faced Varre again and choose the first dialogue option. He wants you to find a maiden and wipe “white oath-cloth” in her blood.
  3. Travel to the Four Belfries. (screenshot below)

Climb to the highest belfry (screenshot below)

Find the Imbused Sword Key at the chest (at the map marker)

  1. Climb to the second belfry, use the key, engage the portal (screenshot below)

You will be teleported to the starting location (screenshot below)

Cover the bridge, defeat the boss named Grafted Scion; Than you will found a corpse of the dead maiden. (at the map marker)

Wipe the “white oath-cloth” in her blood

  1. Return to the White-Faced Varre at Rose Church and join the ranks (chose the first dialogue option) and Varre will give you a Bloody Finger. You can invade as much as you want now. Good luck and have fun.

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