ELDEN RING – How to Get Runes (Quickly)

How to get runes as quickly as possible in Elden Ring.

How to Get Runes (Quickly)

Preparation -> Gold-Pickles Fowl Foot

Consumable item that increases the amount of runes you get for killing enemies for 3 minutes.

This step is entirely optional but I highly suggest you take it since it speeds up farming by a lot

Where Do I Get the Recipe?

You get it from completing the Murkwater Cave dungeon and buy it from Patches after sparing him in the boss-fight.

Where Do I Find Materials for It?

Rowa Fruit

It’s everywhere, during your runs for other materials, collect any red bushes you see and you’ll have more then enough.

Four-Toed Fowl Foot

It’s a loot from smaller birds. It’s fairly rare so you might need to do two runs for this one, depending on your luck and item discovery stat.

You can find them in large quantities sitting on a beach near starting location.

I highly recommend using a ranged weapon to kill them so they dont fly away once you get into melee range!

Gold Firefly

You can find a ton of them in the mini-swamp south. There are tentacle monsters all over it, dont fight them. Run around on your mount, spamming Y to collect. You can get about 10 of them at once.

Now you’re ready to craft Gold-Pickles Fowl Foots!

Farming Runes

You might have seen this on Youtube as no better way to farm early runes has been discovered so far (If so, let me know and I’ll update the guide!)


You’ll need to use a warp-gate right above Third Church of Marika site of grace

This will teleport you far to the east, first thing you wanna do is follow the road south. Right before the bridge, there’s a site of grace. You cannot miss it.

Rune Income

Now pop the gold foot and start killing small soldier-like mobs all over the area.

You’ll need about 3 gold foots for one run if you’re killing all of them.

Fair warning: They hit like a truck

Sneak up behind them to take good chuck of their HP away and mash attack until they die. They have no poise what so ever, you can easily stun-lock them until they die.

They’re killable even with un-upgraded weapons.

By Zorgy Cuddles

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