ELDEN RING – How to Get All 6 Endings (Easy Ways)

A guide on how to get all 6 endings (easy ways) in Elden Ring.

How to Get All 6 Endings (Easy Ways)

This guide will tell you which quests to do and what NPCs are needed for those quests. You can look up those NPC’s quest line. I’m just telling you how to get all 6 endings in this one.

First: The NPC

All the NPCs needed are : Ranni the witch, Fia, brother Corhyn/Goldmask, Dungeater and Hyetta (she is optional but you can do her quest for extra lore).

  • Ranni is needed for Age of the Stars ending.
  • Fia is needed for Age of Duskborn
  • Brother Corhyn/Goldmask are needed for Age of Order
  • Dungeater is needed for The Blessing of Despair Ending.
  • Hyetta is optional for The Frenzy Flame ending.

And 1 ending you can get for beating the game.

I started doing Ranni’s quest after the Academy and had no problem doing other quests side by side, so I recommend you to start at the same point.

Second: What to know to not lock yourself out of other endings

In order to not get locked out of other 5 endings you have to do Millicent’s quest line, which gives you Miquella’s needle to undo the frenzy flame ending so you can choose other endings.

If you want to save Melina, get the frenzy flame first before beating the Mountaintop of the giant. Getting the flame won’t get you the achievement, you still have to beat the game and touch the thing at the end.

If you don’t want to save Melina, you can skip Millicent’s quest line, get other 5 endings first then go for the Frenzy Flame ending. Remember to make a save before choosing the endings.

Millicent’s quest line is highly recommended by me since it leads you to the hardest and most broken boss in th Souls series, which I’m sure will be nerfed in the future.

Last: Choosing the ending

If you have done all the quests and have all the items needed, you should have 3 runes from Fia, Dungeater and Corhyn, along with Miquella’s needle in your key item.

  • After beating the game, take the grace, remember to take the grace or you won’t be able to get back in the boss room, copy your save, then choose the Frenzy Flame ending.
  • Reload your save, now you still can’t choose other endings, but this is when we use the needle, go to the optional boss Dragon Placidusax room. THIS IS WHERE YOU USE THE NEEDLE. Don’t just run in, when you teleport in, use the needle immediately. Then you can beat the boss for its remembrance, or if he’s too tough you can come back later, he’s optional.
  • After using the needle, go back to the boss room, make another copy of your save, this save will let you choose between the other 5 endings.
  • by Nickk

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