ELDEN RING – How to Beat Margit (for All Classes)

A guide on how to beat Margit (for all classes) in Elden Ring.

How to Beat Margit (for All Classes)

There is a really easy way of getting rid of Margit: It is all Solo and without the Magesummon. It inly has 2 Steps to follow.

The Right Ashes

At first you need to know, that you can summon Ashes, when you are not in multiplayer.

What you need is a special Ash from a rotting Dog. The Dog is full of Fungi and does a hell of poison Damage.

Margit has not much resistance to Poison, so when poised, he dies of it mostly alone and you only have to dodge him.

This let the fight be a solo easy chilling thing…

Here comes the Problem: The Ashes are a litle far and i don’t have the exact spot. I war in charge of some Mage/Ghost Ladys and took it in my hesitation without any Screenshot.

I got there the following way:

Ar first you have to ride to the Dragonnlake. There are the Dragon burned Ruins. There is a Staircase leading down in a Dungeonroom with rats. At the end is a Chest which teleports you in a really bad area. You find yourself in the middle of a mine full of crazy badass glowing weapons wilding Skeletons and 3 of them have an Centepedecostume.

Avoide them by running as hell downwards and out.

The way is put of the shack (running) right, down, shild up and straigt in the tunnel, then the right one and roll down the ledge, don’t use the ladder. You will have to face massive Attacks from this centipede Guys. This is the horrible part. Then you find a Gracerestingthing.

Out of the Tunnel is a coast and here the search begins. I was riding left, the Dogashes were on some kind of Buildin/Roof rest.

Here the Mage/Ghost Ladys and Guys are horrible, but have not that much life.

It was not really in the Magecity, nearly before it. I hope to find the location again and take a screen.

Chains of Margit

2 The Keyitem for the first Phase are the Chains of Margit. You can buy them from Patches after a little fight with an invader and Patches himself.

Don’t kill him!

Patches is found in the Lake Area with the Dragon right at the beginning. In the North of the lake, there is kind of a Cliff with a littel Water. On the map it looks like a river. On the left site in the Cliffs is an Entrance with an Grace-Resting-Point. Here sneake further on, kill the two guys ( be carefull, they have Bells installed and will aggro when they ring). You can also sneak past them when you keep at the wall on the right site. The first entrance to the right is a big chamber and a chest. Loot it!

Now the fight against Patches begins.

At 50% HP he begs for his life. Just do nothing and don’t hurt him. Then he will get your new merchant of fine goods.

One last advice: Don’t touch the new chest in the room. There will be a new one near the teleporter whaich brings you bat at the entrance. Don’t touch it. Ask patches for it, ok, but don’t touch it.

There may be Pictures in the future, but for now this shall help you out.

by XunVyra

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