Dyson Sphere Program – Power Grid Establishment and Matrix Lab Guide

A guide on power grid establishment and matrix lab in Dyson Sphere Program.

Power Grid Establishment Guide

For production facilities to work, they need to connect to the grid, and there must be power generation facilities in the grid to provide electricity.

There are power generation facilities, power consumption facilities, power storage facilities, and power transmission facilities in the power grid.

If the power generation of the power grid is greater than power consumption, the power consumption facilities will run at full load. And the accumulators will store the surplus electricity with a certain power.

If the power generation of the power grid is less than power consumption, the accumulators will firstly discharge with a certain power to fill the power gap. If still not to fill the power gap after all accumulators automatically discharging at the max power, the power consumption facilities will slow down work speed due to insufficient power.

Once the satisfaction of the power grid is less than 10%, the power grid will trip. At the same time, the production facilities will stop working.

In the early stage, you can use Wind turbines to generate electricity. Wind turbines use wind power to generate electricity and do not need to consume fuels. It is a very practical power generation facility for early development. Besides, different planets have different wind energy ratio.

Wind turbines come with a power supply area, but this area is very small. If you want to expand the power grid’s supply range, you need to use the Tesla tower to transmit and supply power. Different power transmission facilities have different connection lengths and supply areas. You can unlock more advanced power transmission facilities by upgrading Technology.

Power generation facilities that require fuels will consume fuels based on the actual consumption power.

You can view the current power grid information and adjust it at any time based on the consumption demand by clicking the Tesla tower. Can always display the power network when turn on the Power network in the Detail display (H).

Matrix Lab Introduction

The Matrix lab is the hub of connecting the real world and the CentreBrain. It has two modes: Matrix and Research.

The Matrix mode is to produce matrices.

The Research mode is to consume the supermatrices to research technologies. And can only research the technologies that require the supermatrices to unlock.

Once select the research mode, the Matrix labs will automatically research the currently ongoing technology, and all Matrix labs share the same research progress.

This will greatly increase the research speed by using multiple Matrix labs to research the same technology at the same time!

Each Matrix lab contributes a basic research speed of 60hash/s. Only you put all the matrices required by the technology into the Matrix lab, it will start research.

The Matrix labs can be built on the planet’s surface, and can also be built in the vertical direction.

Vertically constructed Matrix labs, only supplying sufficient raw materials on the lower level, the Matrix labs will automatically transport the raw materials to the upper level and transport the products back to the first level at the same time. Also, just set the operatiny mode of any layer, and the Matrix labs on other layers will automatically synchronize.

(The supermatrices are the source codes of the CentreBrain for maintaining the homeworld. By uploading the supermatrices to the CentreBrain, after the CentreBrain analysis, the obtained technology will be transmitted back. You can benefit from promoting the development of the base by operating the homeworld simultaneously.)

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