Dyson Sphere Program – How to Use Logistics (Guide to Interstellar Stations, Transport, and More)

A guide on how to use logistics (a guide to interstellar stations, transport, and more) in Dyson Sphere Program

Logistics Guide (How to Use)


I’ve played and restarted a fair bit since the game has come out and seen a fair few trends/common issues and i though a consolidated thread with general hints, tips and solutions to common issues would go far to helping any new people so here goes.

Mining Machines can overlap with the ore/coal/stone ect nodes other mining machines are covering, the only limit is the space the mining machine it self covers.

Your first few basic technology researches, automatic metallurgy, basic assembling process, basic logistics and electromagnetic matrixes all require basic resources which is denoted when you click on a research node. This will give you access to smelters, assemblers, conveyors and labs which are the basics of all production. Until this point you have to make things manually using ores form the mining machines or manually mining to get enough resources.

At the start research you do with out labs will take from your inventory until it’s completed and research can be stacked up to do one after the next up to a total of 10 times.

Mining machines are one of few buildings that connect directly to conveyors, so click a mining machine with a conveyor selected and drag a new path to make.

Most buildings require a sorter to funnel items in and out of, both to conveyors and other buildings.

Filters can be set on sorters when your in construction mode and can be set using the tab key before placement, the sorter will take into account what your trying to connect to if applicable. Aka if your going to a assembler which is making magnetic coils, it will only let you filter the ingredients required for it.

Logistics Stations

The first level on logistics stations and drones will only supply and demand for the planet it’s on, you need the second tier of logistics station, the interstellar logistics station and it’s logistics vessels to be able to do planet to planet shipping.

You need to use conveyors to load items into and out of logistics stations, this mainly applies to those that will be supply other stations when it is set to supply or remote supply in the case of interstellar logistic stations.

Splitters, matrix labs and storage building, both the standard and liquid storage can be stacked on top of each other and with research the stacking size can be increased. This is useful for the matrix labs especially to save space since you only need one set of belts/sorters to supply and take from the lab stack.

Before you get a big set up of thermal power plants, make sure you have researched smelting purification so you can smelt energetic graphite from coal. It’s more power efficient then coal and will allow it to go much farther with your mecha due to increased core fuel efficiency (coal provides 2.7MJ of energy with 0% core efficiency while energetic graphite provides 6.3 MJ of energy with 60% core efficiency.) and your starting planet will usually have a very good supply of coal since energetic graphite is used in many recipes. It’s also the best fuel source until you can make hydrogen fuel cells and even then until you have decent titanium shipping from another planet you won’t be going for that for some time.

The alternate energetic graphite recipe (that makes hydrogen and energetic graphite from hydrogen and light oil) requires you to of unlocked x ray cracking first and is made in the oil refinery.

A note about thermal power plants is that they will continue to burn what ever fuel is in them even if power output is excessive to demand so only build what you need to ensure your not wasting resources.

Have liquid storage tanks ready to go once you start building oil refineries. You will find you’ll have a excess of refined oil which can stop production of hydrogen if your not careful. Refined oil can be burned in thermal power plants for energy though it’s better to store it ready to make plastic and sulphuric acid which you will need later.

While it isn’t ideal, you can use the stone supply on your starting world to make silicon in a pinch to get you started on some of the more advanced recipes until you can ship it from another world.

Once you start launching solar sails into the suns orbit with the emi rail ejector and have ray receivers, be aware that power out put is highly dependant on how many sails are in orbit, so you can’t put down a whole load of receivers and expect a massive power out. That said the receivers start at 5mw of energy and build up over time as they are exposed to the sun to produce more power. This is still capped at how many solar sails you have in orbit and this information is shown on the receiver it self.

The water pump is useless until you can start making sulphuric acid or yellow research cubes, though your first use of it will be in yellow research cubes.

Remember you are able to put your conveyors at varying height levels, but pretty much all buildings baring the standard storage building and it’s upgrade the mark 2 require the conveyors to be at ground level to be able to connect sorters (liquid storage tanks are the same).

You can auto sort your inventory by click the little return arrow icon next to the X icon in the inventory screen. This will sort out any stacks you have encase you’ve ended up with stacks of items that aren’t full.

Building over terrain with trees/plants/boulders will remove them. The resources in those entities will be lost as well.

When you plan to do your first flight to another planet (which requires the drive engine lv 2 research completed), first go into your map view and then scroll until you can see the solar system. Hopefully you’ll have universe exploration 2 unlocked so you can see planetary resources.
Ensure you have a full mecha core of fuel (energetic graphite is the best at that stage since you can only make a limited number of hydrogen fuel cells) before launching off.

Once you have left the atmosphere and are orbiting the world, use the arrows at the side of the screen to locate any nearby planets and once you spot one within a reasonable distance (aka none that are light years away) push away from the planet using the up key (or win many cases) and hold shift to speed up while aiming in the rough direction of the planet you want to go to. Remember to not burn all your energy up before you get near the planet or landing might be tricky.

To land on a planet i go with the dumb method since i haven’t figured out quite how to properly orbit without risking over shooting so i usually just aim dead centre into the planet and means i don’t have to spend minutes trying to turn around for another shot.

Interplanetary Transport

I will also explain the terminology used here. This can be quickly searched up in a good old google search if you need more clarification.

Intra as a prefix means within or inside one group. So in this case intraplanetary logistics system ( the research to unlock the logistics station and drones) means it’s for that planet only, e.g a system for within that planets boundary only.

Inter as a prefix means between or among. So in this case interstellar logistics system (the research to unlock the interstellar logistics station and the logistics vessels) it is used to mean the transportation between planets, e.g among two or more planets.

Now with that out the way lets begin.

For interplanetary transport, you need two interstellar logistic stations and at least one logistics vessel.

The first station (i suggest on the planet you want to deliver to) should be set like this.

Local supply means that it will use drones to deliver to any stations on planet that require the set resources, in this case titanium has been selected as the product.

Remote demand means it will request the selected item from any other interstellar logistics stations set to remote supply, again in this case titanium.

The second station should look like this:

This is the base settings on the station, local supply and remote supply, this will cause it to send any items set to supply to any stations set to remote demand.

I have found that it doesn’t seem to care which station has the logistics vessels put into it, though for simplicity sake i tested this by putting the supply vessels in the supplying station (the second one.)

Make sure you have enough energy to supply the stations, the ships require a monstrous supply of it at the start and they need the energy at both stations to refuel between trips.

I hope that helps.

Proof my vessels fly since they won’t lift off, this one is allocated to the first station (the one requesting titanium) and heading to grab it.

As aside note, to unload stuff from both the interstellar and standard logistic center, do it like you do with mining machines. Select conveyor, hover over building, click and then pull out to make a track and set it’s filter using tab.

This is near identical to loading a logistics station with materials from a conveyor.

by Snarky Boi

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