Dyson Sphere Program – How to Get Your Automation (Tips)

A guide on how to get your automation (tips) in Dyson Sphere Program.

Basic Automation Guide

To get your automation started you will need to achieve a few steps

  1. Get Power
  2. Harvest Iron and Copper
  3. Refine Ores

You also will need to get some Tech, these are the most important techs to get ASAP

  • Basic Logistic Systems (topmost Tech)
  • Automatic Metallurgy (Second tech from top)
  • Basic Assembling processes (4th tech down)

These can be researched in any order with materials produced in your inventory

1. Getting Power

To power your base you will need energy, your first source of energy is Wind Power.

The in-game tutorial should give you one Turbine to start, but you will rapidly need more of them as their output is very low, this is not the end of the world however as buildings can run (at reduced effectiveness) with less power than they demand. Wind Turbines may also be less effective on certain planets depending on their “Wind Energy Ratio”.

Be sure to place your Wind Turbine near your miner(s) so you wont need a Tesla Tower (power line) to move the power too far. For now at least this does not interfere with the amount of power produced.

You will eventually need Tesla Towers to move power around, unlike Wind Turbines these can be place nearly anywhere and have a larger supply area and connection length making them ideal for powering your factory.

2. Harvesting resources

To automate Iron or Copper you will need to place a Mining Machine facing a few nodes of the desired material and power to run it.

You can set up your miners however you like, but I generally try to make them cover as many nodes as possible so that I wont have to deal with cleanup as the nodes run dry. A node can be used by multiple Miners if you need to overlap their zones, this will use up the node faster however.

You can use SHIFT to unlock the grid and rotation snapping of Mining Machines so you can position exactly how you want to.

Once you have your miner in place and powered you can click on it with a conveyor selected to build its output, there is no sorter when pulling out of a Mining Machine.

3. Refining

Once you have your ore being mined you can load it into a Smelter to cook it into Ingots or Magnets.

You will need to use Sorters to transfer items into and out of the Smelters.

Here is an example of a basic Iron Ore to Ingot AND Magnet factory.

By JaxterSmith

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