Dyson Sphere Program – How to Connect Conveyors to a Smelter

A guide on how to connect conveyors to a smelter in Dyson Sphere Program.

How to Connect Conveyors to a Smelter

You need Sorter.

Think of sorters as little arms that grab items of the conveyor belts.

The miners can output straight onto the belts but stuff like the smelters need the little arms to grab items of belts for inputs and also grab items from the smelters’ output and put it onto a belt (OmegaFreak01).

You need sorters, under logistics tab, where the belts are. These are called inserters in Factorio, sorters is kinda strange name, but I’ll roll with it

Once you set down a smelter, take your sorter and click on the conveyor belt with ore/stone and then drag it to the smelter. There are 3 outputs on each side of the smelter, I like to drag sorters to the ones on sides and leave the middle one unoccupied. I think the maximum distance to where the sorter can reach is 2 blocks, so make sure you place the smelter close enough (4Stringed).

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