Dyson Sphere Program – Guide to Mecha Energy, Resource, and More

It is a guide to mecha energy, resource, and more in Dyson Sphere Program.

Basic Guide


In the future, human beings enter the ranks of advanced civilizations, and the power of science and technology brings rapid development. People use virtual reality to iterate space and time, create a virtual universe much larger than the real world, and gradually transfer human consciousness to the virtual universe.

The operation of the virtual world requires supercomputing power. For this reason, human beings circle the sun and create a supercomputer, the CentreBrain, hoping to use its powerful computing power to expand the virtual home. The computing power of the CentreBrain gradually reaches its limit because the number of consciousness continues to grow. If want to accommodate more consciousness, it needs more energy supply.

So, the COSMO launched an engineering project code-named Dyson Sphere Program, sending engineers to the real world to build the Dyson sphere to provide continuous and stable energy for the CentreBrain. As a member of COSMO and the pioneer of the Dyson Sphere Program, you will control the mecha on an unknown journey by using the terminal. You need gather resources, plan and design production lines, gradually realize full automation, starting from scratch. And transform your factory from a small workshop, developing into a magnificent inter-galactic industrial empire, and finally built a great miracle, the Dyson Sphere.

Builders of great civilizations! In this process, you are bound to encounter many difficulties. After all, the universe is so large that anything can happen. However, your creativity and imagination will help you accomplish this great goal. The entire cluster will become the cornerstone of human civilization under your plan.

Gather Resource Command

You can use [Right mouse button] to click on a ground target to command mecha to there. If the target is a resource, you can order the mecha to gather.

Also, for more convenient operation, hold down [SHIFT] + [Right mouse button] to give a series of commands, such as continuously felling trees or moving to the target after felling.

Mecha Core Energy

The mecha consumes core energy when moving, gathering, building, replicate items, and using its lab research technologies. The core energy bar and value are displayed directly below the screen.

When the core energy is insufficient, all activities will be restricted, such as slower move speed and unable to research, etc. So, you need to pay attention to the use of mecha core energy at any time. Once the core energy is insufficient, you can click the Mecha panel (C) button at the bottom-right corner of the screen to open the Mecha panel and resupply fuel into the fuel chamber.

Converting fuel energy into core energy through the Fuel chamber will recover the core energy of the mecha. The Fuel chamber’s power is higher, the speed of energy recovery is faster.

In the early stage, gathering trees and plants on the planet can obtain two primary fuels: Logs and Plant fuels. Coals are also good fuel choices.

Basic Operation Guide

Use the [W] [S] [A] [D] direction keys to control the movement of the mecha, or use the [Right mouse button] to click on the destination to send a move command to the mecha.

Click the [SPACE] button to make the mecha jump.

If the mecha encounters water during its movement, it will automatically enter the drift state. In the drift state, the mecha consumes more energy than moving on land.

High-grade fuels not only contain more energy than low-grade fuel, but they also increase the mecha fuel power, allowing the mecha to recover energy more quickly.

In addition to the Fuel chamber, the mecha core also comes with a weak power generation.

You can move the mouse to the value at the right of the core energy bar to view the specific usage details

After unlocking Drive Engine Level 1, you obtain flying ability. Double-click the [SPACE] keg to lift off, and then use the [W] [S] [A] [D] to control mecha flging at low altitude. The moving speed will increase bg 150% with more energg consumed under Flight Mode.

During the flight, press the [SPACE] keg to increase the flight altitude, press the [ALT] keg to decrease the flight altitude or return the mecha to the ground during the flight.

After unlocking the Drive Engine Level 2, you obtain the sailing ability. Keep pressing the [Forward key] and [SPACE] key in the Flight Mode, and you will enter the Sailing Mode when you reach a certain altitude.

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