Dyson Sphere Program – Guide to Harvesting, Fractioning, Refining

It is a guide to harvesting, fractioning, refining in Dyson Sphere Program.

Guide to Harvesting, Fractioning, Refining

Harvesting Resoruces

To automate Iron or Copper you will need to place a Mining Machine facing a few nodes of the desired material and power to run it.

You can set up your miners however you like, but I generally try to make them cover as many nodes as possible so that I wont have to deal with cleanup as the nodes run dry. A node can be used by multiple Miners if you need to overlap their zones, this will use up the node faster however.

You can use SHIFT to unlock the grid and rotation snapping of Mining Machines so you can position exactly how you want to.

Once you have your miner in place and powered you can click on it with a conveyor selected to build its output, there is no sorter when pulling out of a Mining Machine.


Once you have your ore being mined you can load it into a Smelter to cook it into Ingots or Magnets.

You will need to use Sorters to transfer items into and out of the Smelters.

Here is an example of a basic Iron Ore to Ingot AND Magnet factory.


Fractioning is the process of turning Hydrogen into Deuterium. The Fractioning Still however is a confusing machine. It intakes Hydrogen on one side and outputs it on the other, 0.5% of the time a unit of hydrogen will turn into Deuterium and be output in the front of the machine.

What this means, is that the ideal setup includes making a constant stream of Hydrogen into and out of the Still, starting off this may be done easiest by literally making a circle of conveyors and slapping a still along it (see the flowchart), later on when your Hydrogen supply is more stable you could just slap the still directly into your main Hydrogen line and call that good.

Basic Fractioning Still flowchart: a Splitter is used with priority output to ensure that Hydrogen never stops cycling through the setup and can overflow if needed.

By JaxterSmith

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