Dying Light 2: Stay Human – All Safe Codes and Locations Guide on Map

This guide shows all safe codes and locations on map in Dying Light 2: Stay Human.

All Safe Codes Guide on Map

  • Safe 1 – north of Houndfield in Saint Joseph hospital. This safe is part of the first Biomarker quest
  • Safe 2 – east of Houndfield. The safe is on the ground floor of the Nightrunner’s Hideout north of Cherry Windmill
  • Safe 3 – south of Horseshoe, inside the water tower. This safe requires you to side with Jack and Joe and get arrested
  • Safe 4 – east of Downtown, on top of the military airdrop building next to the bandit camp
  • Safe 5 – north of Muddy Grounds, in the basement of the water tower. Make sure to keep the map during The Deserter quest to get the quest to hunt down this safe.
  • Safe 6 – south of Garrison, in Section C of the electrical station building. You can unlock the door to the room with the safe by connecting the wire
  • Safe 7 – south of Trinity at the top of the bazaar church tower. You will need lots of stamina to reach this area

Note: Click here to see them on map

Safe Codes

  • Safe 1 – 973.
  • Safe 2 – 101.
  • Safe 3 – 1492.
  • Safe 4 – 313.
  • Safe 5 – 032167.
  • Safe 6 – 314.
  • Safe 7 – 510.

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