Dying Light 2: Stay Human – 3 Tips to Make Private Server

This shows 3 tips to make private server in Dying Light 2: Stay Human.

3 Tips to Make Private Server

This server helps you from keeping any outsiders away from your server!


Because the server list is already flooded with servers that you mostly cannot get into because of the connection issues at the moment so it might be a good thing to just have your server on private to save some space, eh?

Easy 3 Steps!

1st Step

So first you go to your Online Menu in your pause screen and click it.

2nd Step

You go to your Online Options. It’s inside the red square.

3rd Step

You scroll the first selection until you find “Private”

I’ll give you these few terms:

  • “Friends Only” = Only host’s friends can join.
  • “Single Player” = Host is on his / her / it’s own and no one can join.
  • “Public” = Any random person can join without host’s permission.
  • “Private” = Only the player that host invited can join the game.

And you are done!

Enjoy the outsider-free experience and please stop cluttering the server browser.

Techland already has issues with it’s servers so you’d be doing a favor to them and players who want to hang out.

by MrKizu

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