Dungeon Dreams (Female Protagonist) – Jane’s Puzzle Walkthrough

Hi everyone. Today I am gonna mention the newly released Dungeon Dreams (Female Protagonist) is eye-catching. This guide will show “Jane’s Puzzle”. Before the topic, I want to introduce the game:

About Dungeon Dreams (Female Protagonist)

Roguelike Romance JRPG with a female protagonist. Customize your characters, take open-ended quests and write your own story in the town of Ecallia. A game with town-building, dating and life sim elements, but also a randomly generated Dungeon with lots of companions and loot!

Plot Summary

Ecallia. A town visited my many adventurers. Here lies the Dungeon, rumored to be the prison of the so-called “Forsaken God”. Either a prison, or a lair, and no one knows what that monster may be doing down there. All we know is that everytime you enter, its structure is different. And his magic is so strong that not only precious loot and monsters are generated inside, but the “Dungeon Curse” is spreading faster affecting all the Ecallians.

You’re the new adventurer in town, and your story is up to you. Does the answer lie in the last floor of the Dungeon? Or in a peaceful life in Town, perhaps with a girlfriend and new friends?

You’re the main character. You get to write her story, from her background to one of the 3 possible endings.

About the town

  • Different Jobs to earn gold
  • Day-Night Cycle
  • Each NPC has their own routine (some may leave or arrive later)
  • Open-ended quests that have real impact on the game world
  • Buy furniture at Nina’s shop
  • Invest in building opportunities at the carpenter’s

How to Solve Jane’s Puzzle?

You are supposed to figure out the 3 digit code. The formulas on the note make no sense.

Look at Spot

There’s a spot where Jane goes to and stays momentarily, there’s a note there that instantly tells you how to get the code, don’t forget the each part of the code is “color-coded”, meaning that you need to match each number to its correct code on the code input dialogue via its color for each number, if you’re referring to the vile Thieves’ Guild quest to get her hidden sub-class that is.

Try This Code:


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