Drug Dealer Simulator – How to Save (6 Methods)

Save spot does not work in Drug Dealer Simulator! I have tried everything but can not be fixed! Please try to do the following 6 methods or tips on how to save.

Methods for Saving

  1. Saving the game will be available after passing the workstation tutorial.
  2. Cut drugs into small packages then it lets save.
  3. You have some restrictions to save, such as cannot save during police chase / fugitive status.
  4. You have to get through a few stages before you can save at all, you get an alert telling you the function is now active. Then, as omega has posted.
  5. You can only save your game every 5 min. You just get the notification that u got a new ShadyCom message. You can only check them on your Laptop.

6. Package (Recommend Method)

Make package product and add new package:

Now add it to inventory:

It is worked for me:

Note: Add comment below If you have any suggestions on how to save.

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