Drug Dealer Simulator – How to Move a Huge Amount of Drugs (Between Sectors)

This is a guide on how to easily move huge amount of drugs between sectors in Drug Dealer Simulator.

How to Move a Huge Amount of Drugs (Between Sectors)?

You can use this guide in both sense (from sector A to B and vice versa).

I’ll show you how to move the bag from sector A to sector B.

First of all I suggest you to buy the biggest bag you can have (duffel – 200$) from the shot in the sector B.

Then, go here:

the hardest part

You have to jump and press the B button to throw the bag on the barbed wire, if the bag got stuck on in isn’t a problem. The bigger the bag, the bigger the difficulty. just try a few times.

Then go on the manhole behind you, here (it will carry you on the B sector):

Now you’re in the B sector, here:

The only thing you need to do now, is to go to the point where we throw the bag and grab it, here:

You can do the process in the opposite way to move the drugs from sector B to A.

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