Dota 2 – How to Raise MMR (Tips and Tricks)

This guide helps you on how to raise MMR (tips and tricks) in Dota 2

How to Raise MMR?

I’ve had a tough time raising my MMR consistent, either bad teammates or someone quits.. IDK seems like.sometimes losing streaks come out of nowhere. With that.being said heros some stuff I’ve done that helped me raise 1.5k MMR in a month and a half.

1) When you have a good lane, add the person. It can be hard to find good players consistently so when you have a good team.see if anyone wants to play again.

2) Play offlane more, I usually play safe, however being pos 3 and messing up their pos 1 and ganking to help your other lanes usually guarantees winning lanes if done well.

3) Don’t be rude, be nice and fun.. good mood = good play

4) When you suggest picks, item builds, or offer any advice to your team give reasoning behind it… saying something like “don’t pick that or build that” without an explanation can come off as controlling and people generally won’t listen

5) Play your role correctly and well (obviously lol)

6) Make sure you counter pick and synergize well

7) Up your CS

8) Watch pros play heros you play

That’s just a few tips I think it can help people struggling with ranked pubs.

by Thicc

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