Doom Eternal – How to Kill The Doom Hunter? (Boss Walkthrough)

This boss (The Doom Hunter) walkthrough helps you on how to kill it in Doom Eternal.

How to Kill The Doom Hunter?


Eliminate Deag Ranak

  • Kill the priest’s guardian (The Doom Hunter)

The Doom Hunter’s Weak Point

The Doom Hunter is a Super Heavy Demon that specializes in long-range lock-on rockets.

Its shield and sled are Weak Ports.

Destroy the shield with the Plasma Rifle to briefly disable it.

Destroy the sled to permanently disable its protective shield and missies.

Killing The Doom Hunter

In order to kill Doom Hunter completely, once the health bar is low level, go near him and cut his head off with a saw. However, Doom Hunter will not fully die and you will continue to fight in a snowy area.

As you continue to fight in the snowy area, you will notice that Doom Hunter’s life is full. This situation is a bit annoying. In addition, assistant enemies and “missiles incoming” in the previous field will face in this field.

However, I would like to talk about a bigger problem: The Doom Hunter, which you have lost your life in the snowy area and broke your case, is coming back again. But this is the last fight, and when you cut off his head, the health bar looks like this:

Finally, Deag Ranak appears in a weak state. You are tearing his head off:

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