Doom Eternal – How to Kill Marauder (Boss Fight Walkthrough)

Who is Marauder? Is it defeatable or impossible? How to kill Marauder? This walkthrough will help you on Marauder Boss Fight.

How to Kill Marauder (Boss Fight Walkthrough)?

How was Marauder’s Boss Fight?

Marauder’s entrance to the field made me feel very complicated. Marauder really impressed me, although the tone, appearance, and gait resembled other enemy bosses. But when I started fighting, I noticed that I was faced with a stereotypical boss fight (although the cutting-off head scenes are impressive).

Marauder’s Features

The Marauder is a defensive powerhouse. Stand too close, he uses his Shotgun.

Stand too far away, he throws projectiles. Keep him at mid-range, counter his attack when his eyes flash green; otherwise, he blocks your shots.

The Marauder is resistant to Super Weapons.

Killing Marauder

Attacks may not be very effective due to their shields. So be careful with your weapon selection.

Marauder’s evil ax and occasional evil creatures can wreak havoc. You should also not forget Marauder’s aides. They even disappear after a while and you are alone with Marauder. But you don’t have to be too scared. You can defeat Marauder with defensive tactics.

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