Doom Eternal – Cultist Base Walkthrough for All Collectibles, Secrets

A guide on Mission 3: Cultist Base walkthrough for all collectibles, secrets and more in Doom Eternal.

Mission 3: Cultist Base [Part 1]

NOTEThis mission contains another slayer gate and also a few hidden items. This is a good mission and it shouldn’t be too difficult to find everything.

This mission contains:

  • Codex Page
  • Doomtoys
  • Sentinel Batteries
  • Extra Lives
  • Praetor Suit Tokens
  • Rune
  • Secrets
  • Weapon Mod
  • Automap
  • Secret Encounters
  • Sentinel Crystal
  • Cheat Code
  • Album
  • Slayer Gate Key

Codex Page 15

Begin the mission and when you spawn immediately turn around and behind you will be a codex page sitting in the corner.

Doomtoy: Gargoyle

Now move on and you will drop down into another area, in that area you will see a large skull hanging on the left side with a doomtoy sitting on the top.

To reach the doomtoy use the booster to get up to the wall above and make your way across to the wall with the red mines, from there climb up but do not break through the green wall and instead turn left and break the wall at the end which will allow you to jump over to the skull and collect the doomtoy. Now you can proceed through the green wall.

Sentinel Battery + 1UP Extra Life

After going through the green wall immediately turn right and just off the edge of the map is a platform you can jump over to, break the wall and melee the mechanism inside. This will unlock the booster underneath the central platform and allow you to reach the sentinel battery in the gap high up in the rocks.

In the same area look down over the edge of the main steel platform, you will see a funny looking creature hanging from a chain and to the left of that is a mine tucked in the rocks, shoot the mine and the creature will explode into an extra life for you to collect.

Praetor Suit Token

Continue inside the building and after clearing the room of demons the gate at the end of the room will unlock, this is the direction of the mission and as you go through the gate you will find a praetor suit token, you can’t miss it.

Move on and clear the next area.

1UP Extra Life

After clearing out the demons do not proceed with the mission just yet, instead face the mission marker and look to the right side of the booster and you will see a green target. Shoot the green target and then jump across to the wall on the other side, from there you will see an extra life on a platform further along. After that go back around and continue the mission.

Now continue the mission until you pick up the rocket launcher.

Rune + Blue Orb.

NOTEIn this area you will have 2 items to collect.

After picking up the rocket launcher you will battle it out with more demons, once the area is clear melee the mechanism in the room opposite the yellow bar and make your way upwards using the yellow bar when it raises. Almost at the top you will find a rune, collect the rune and then immediately jump across to the coffin-shaped platform hanging behind it and at the back of the platform will be a hidden blue orb.

Weapon Mod 5 + Praetor Suit Token

NOTEIn this area you will have 2 items to collect.

Continuing the mission and further along you will need to stand on the green plate to unlock the door ahead, open the door and straight ahead will be a weapon mod for you to collect.

Immediately after the weapon mod continue down the passage next to you and half way down on the left side will be a breakable wall, break through and follow it around to collect another praetor suit token.

Continue the mission and then clear the outside area to proceed further.

Sentinel Battery + 1UP Extra Life

NOTEIn this area you will have 2 items to collect.

After clearing the area the bridge will drop down and the gate will open, head inside and take the left path to find the sentinel battery at the end. Now go to the opposite end and melee the mechanism to briefly activate the yellow bars, quickly use the bars to swing up to the small piece of wall and from there jump across and collect the extra life floating in the air.

Blue Orb

Moving on to the next room simply kill all the worshipers to unlock the secret blue orb which will appear in the center of the room.


Continuing the mission into the next area, once again clear the demons and then exit the only door open and turn left instead of right to find your automap.

Mission 3: Cultist Base [Part 2]

Sentinel Crystal + Secret Encounter

NOTEIn this area you will have 2 items to collect.

Secret Encounter
For this encounter you will be attacked by 1 cacodemon, 1 revenant, 2 shielded soldiers, 2 cueballs.

From the automap follow the mission objective and unlock the gates using the skull pedestal. Once the gates are open you will see the sentinel crystal directly in front of you in the central structure and on the left side will be the secret encounter.

Praetor Suit Token

After the secret encounter move into the next room and use the left side mechanism to take you down to the level below. On the level below follow the passage all the way around and just past the mission objective further on will be a praetor suit token.

Sentinel Battery

After collecting the praetor suit token continue the mission and activate the yellow bar to reach the wall on the other side of the room, from the wall jump across to the left side mechanism and it will take you up a level.

When you reach the upper level head into the other mechanism on the opposite side and it will take you further up, from there follow it around to find the sentinel battery in the back room.

Continue the mission until you gain your super shotgun.

Floppy Disk: IDDQD (Cheat Code) + Doomtoy: Soldier (Blaster)

NOTEIn this area you will have 2 items to collect.

After you have gained your super shotgun you will enter a room where you will need to break the chains on each block to reveal different demons. Clear the room of demons and once clear you will find a cheat code hiding up in the top of the central structure, use one of the yellow bars to swing up, dash around and collect it.

Now follow the mission marker and drop down into the hole in the central structure. Half way along the passage you will see a breakable vent on the right side, break through it to gain another doomtoy.

Praetor Suit Token

Continue into the next room and once you have activated the skull pedestal you can be boosted onto the central rotating block. From the central block jump onto the platform on the opposite side of the mission marker and on there you will find a praetor suit token.

Proceed with the mission and climb the tube shape walls to the very top.

Secret Encounter

Secret Encounter:
For this encounter you will be attacked by 2 whiplash, 1 mancubus, 2 mecha zombies.

After you have finished climbing the walls and you’re at the top, head into the nearby tunnel and inside take a right into a small room. Inside the room you will find a breakable wall and behind it will be the secret encounter.

1UP Extra Life

Continuing after the secret encounter you will need to shoot the green target through the spikes and then drop down and dash to the wall on the other side. Climb the wall and half way up opposite you will be an extra life. After that make your way to the next room.

Album Vinyl: Doom 2 – Into Sandies City + Blue Orb

NOTEIn this area you will have 2 items to collect.

As you enter the next room look to the right at the spiked crusher and when it hits the ground stand on the top of it to reach the blue orb in the gap above.

This time from where you entered the room head to the the crusher on the far left side, when it hits the ground walk through to the left side and further along will be an album. Now continue the mission until you’re lifted up to the outside.

1UP Extra Life

When you have been lifted up and back outside head to the edge of the map on the far side and look down to the right, you will see an opening in the rocks that you can jump across to. Inside the opening will be a strange looking creature, use the skull pedestal on the right side of the room to unlock the extra life and a booster outside to get back up.

Continue the mission until you reach the slayer gate.

Slayer Gate Key

Now you are at the slayer gate you will need the key. To access the key you will need to head to the right side of the large statue, from there look down over edge of the platform and on the right side will be a wall you can climb. Drop down onto the wall and under the platform will be yellow bars you can use to swing across underneath, make your way underneath and at the end you will find the slayer gate key.

Praetor Suit Token

Proceed with the mission into the next area and before you make your way outside follow the right passage to collect another praetor suit token.

Haste Powerup

After the praetor suit token drop down outside and destroy the demons. Once the area has been cleared look to the left of where you entered the area and you will see a door with a breakable chain, break the chain to find a secret powerup inside. That will be the last item to collect for this mission.

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