Don’t Starve Together (Last Update) – How To Survive – Guide

This guide will inform about Don’t Starve Together contains tips and tricks which are “how to be solo survivor”, “what qualifies as being a solo survivor”, “why is it bad to be a solo survivor”.

The Solo Survivor

The Solo Survivor

The solo survivor is the complete opposite to a base camper. Here’s some more info

What qualifies as being a solo survivor?

  • Not returning to base (Or not planning on returning to base in a long time)
  • Never depositing things at base (Chests, iceboxes)

Why is it bad to be a solo survivor?

  • They normally aren’t around their friends when they are preparing for something
  • They always use resources making bonfires.

It’s also bad for them too.

  • They can’t cook or store food without wasting materials.
  • They can’t deposit items.
  • They’re normally left out of group harvests
  • They have to defend themselves on their own from monsters. (Wolves, Merms, Bosses, etc)

How can your team deal with them?

  • Kicking the player
  • Leading them to the base somehow.
  • Follow them around, they might come back to base then.

The Loot Hog

The Loot Hog

Nobody likes a loot hog. Here’s more details

What’s qualified as being a loot hog?

  • Taking all the loot. (Not sharing)

What bad does a Loot Hog make?

  • They take all the good loot and leave the rubbish.
  • They never share, keeping stuff to themselves
  • Can be quite wasteful

What can a team do about this?

  • Kick the player.
  • Convince them to give the items.
  • Get on their good side, they might share.


Those were some bad types of players in Don’t Starve Together. If you have any suggestions comment them, I may add them.

by Stardew77

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