Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! – Tips for Missing a Sketch and Promo

This shows tips for missing a sketch and promo in Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!.

Tips for Missing a Sketch and Promo

  • selecting the word doki doki
  • In act 1 try both sayori and monika before selecting yuri or natsuki
  • deleting monika before starting a new game
  • making a perfect poem for everyone
  • writing 3 poems for everyone
  • deleting monika before she begins her manlouge
  • MC sketch from email
  • getting the special ending
  • pressing skip while monika is talking in act 3
  • calling sayori for help while natsuki and yuri are fighting
  • telling sayori id walk home with her
  • looking at poemwords.txt
  • seeing the play with me scene
  • selecting a corrupt word in poem writing

You need “In act 1, attempt to load a save file after Sayori’s death”.

There isn’t a promo for completing all sketches. But I’m guessing you’re missing one of these: “In Act 2, make it through the weekend without pressing skip.” or “Select the word “horror” during the poem game.”

Still only at 98%.

Also, you need one song. I got it by adding Candy Hearts into the playlist and playing the song through there. It gets slower and creepier and after the song is done it should unlock the last track.

Now it is 100%.

Missing a Sketch and Promo

by Viper

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