DJMAX RESPECT V [PC] – Keybind Setups Guide

Hi everyone. Today I am gonna mention DJMAX RESPECT V is eye-catching. This guide will show “Keybind Setups”.

Keybind Setups

Make sure your keyboard has N-key rollover
Or you’re gonna have a bad time with any rhythm game.

Check your switch type
Blues start to be too heavy in denser charts. So get something lighter.

Disable sticky keys
You know why.

Disable the windows key
You know why.

4 Buttons – For the Beginner

No-fuss or frills. Just 4 buttons.

The standard
Your bread and butter layout

  • Standard row layout
  • Wrist might strain if too cramped for your hands
  • Carpal tunnel when hitting jacks

The standard v2.0
The standard with a different topping

  • Less cramped edition
  • Better preparation for 8 buttons
  • Still carpal tunnel when hitting jacks

Ergo Tilt
Move one key down on preferred hand of choice and tilt the keyboard in that direction

  • Oh hey your wrist hurts less now

For those without the space to tilt


5 Buttons – For the Degenerate

The mode that no one plays.

In this mode you have the option of:

  • Asymmetrical fingering [F]
    -Switching between your left and right hands for the middle note whenever you want to.

  • Space smashing [S]
    -Using either your right or left thumb so smash hit the space button.

I migrated from 4k standard [S]

It’s just one more button

  • It’s basic
  • Wrist starts to die in longer songs
  • I hope your thumb can handle jacks on
    a single note (space bar)

The dual wielder [S]

Making the most out of Neowiz’s great wisdom to allow multiple bindings to 1 key

  • Less strain
  • Preps you for 8 key
  • You can spam both the space
    and num0 keys for the middle note

Ambidextrous [F]

Wow, you’re good with your fingers.
Middle key generally binded to index fingers

  • Kinda preps you for 6/8 buttons
  • Can lower finger fatigue
    by switching the finger hitting
    the middle key
  • Prepare for finger confusion
  • I hope your untrained ring finger
    has fun

Ambidextrous V2 [F]

Same as above, but using the numpad for ergonomics

  • Rip keyboards with no numpads
  • I guess you can use the arrow keys

6 Buttons – For the Regular

Pretty standard.

Standard Skill Tree LV3

The usual

  • You know the drill with carpal
    tunnel and jacks

8B Prep 1

Another keyboard tilt setup

  • Can transition into an 8B setup
  • Right ring finger jacks will still
    kill your wrist

8B Prep 2

Another transition setup to prepare for 8B

  • Generally comfortable
  • Probably the better of the 2 prep setups

The illuminati

Hidden key setup

  • Fingers curl more naturally
  • Worse tapping speed
  • Spooky
  • Wrist strain when using middle
    finger to hit jacks
  • Have fun hitting multiple SC chords

Can’t afford a DJ DAO

But wants to play using a controller setup anyway

  • Great for those with tiny hands
  • Can play with one hand
  • Great while watching BGAs
  • Used by no one


The economy is tough, so you have to be frugal

  • Works great for accountants
  • Especially if they own portable numpads
  • Consider using SHIFT so you can decrease the amount of note keys to 3

8 Buttons – For the Neckbeard

Your score is actually the number of hours you haven’t seen sunlight

Developer Recommendation

Actually from the DJMAX RESPECT V teaser trailer

  • Dev sanctioned
  • The ideal setup (according to the trailer)
  • The holy grail (according to the trailer)
  • The C and < keys were recommended for maximum wrist pain
  • You look like a gremlin while using it
  • Enjoy slapping your space bar
  • Good luck hitting red bar + multi note combos

6B Transition 1

If you were using Prep 1

  • Make sure to tilt the keyboard slightly
  • Seriously do it
  • I hear your wrist tendons tearing from here
  • Make sure your right-alt key doesn’t rebind
    itself to Hangul every so often

6B Transition 2

If you were using Prep 2

  • Most players seem to use this
  • Or variations of this
  • Comfortable setup


When your thumb hits too many buttons

  • Wide spacing
  • Arrow key customization for desired spacing

The Waltzing Matilda

A classic well respected setup

  • Used by keyboard veterans
  • Tried and tested key placement for efficiency
  • Max ergonomics
  • You can hear the cry of your ancestors as your tendons split
  • Don’t actually use this

by Avolon

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