Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Mods (Which One Should I choose)

This guide shows which mods should I choose for Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Which One Should I choose?

Criteria for Choosing a Mod

Prefer a mod that gives Pet Pal for free, or more AP to use in combat. These tend to add only a small bonus to your power but are nice ‘quality of life’ changes.

Also, prefer a mod that adds a Bard class and content to the game, which I really enjoyed, as it added magical instruments and Bardic inspired spells.


Dahlia’s (spelling?) interesting unique is a fun one. Gives unique items a bit more “uniqueness” to them. Be aware if you aren’t using mods to fund yourself, the majority of unique thievery items lose their +thievery on this one.

Names on the rest are iffy, but search around and you’ll find them.

Level up all gear- for about the price of standard gear at your level, level up your existing gear either one at a time or all at once. This pairs well with interesting uniques, so the cool new weapons can stick with you.

Innate Talent

Innate Talent gives petpal, savage sortilege, and a nerfed version of pawn to all characters (and summons). Petpal is the one that is most convenient to have, and Larian put that one in the game without needing to go to the workshop, but some people find spells not critting without SS to be annoying, and a bit of free movement is nice but not game-breaking. More useful for those times when you need to move like 3 pixels and waste a whole AP that turns on it with melee characters.

The name completely escapes me here, but I think it’s another one with Dahlia’s _______ in the title. One where a vendor appears in each act with ALL unique items in the game for sale. It can allow for 2 of each one, from her and in its normal spot. They will be changed up if you use the interesting uniques mod as well. Basically needs the above level up gear one so you don’t buy stuff at level 1 and outlevel it right away. This one is a bit more on the game-breaking side, but there are also some really creative pieces of gear in the late part of the game that will only get used for like 2 hours, and this is a nice way to base a character concept around a magical weapon/piece of gear. I try to limit this one to themed concepts rather than just creating OP beasts.

Name? One that gives you every crafting recipe from the get-go. Even if you don’t keep a modded save with it, it’s nice to check this out to see some crafts you otherwise wouldn’t have thought of. Scrolls especially.

Expanded Party Mod

Expanded party mod is always popular for more than 4 characters. Up to 10 for 4 customs and the 6 origins, but when I use this one, I usually just grab the 6 origins. It starts fun, but so many more characters to gear up and keep alive can be tedious. Usually pairs well with:

Divine scaling adds sliders to make enemies +x levels of your team at all times. I usually go +1 in act one, then +2 in act 2, and so on to 4, then I tried +5 on the final fight. Only did that once, and it was fun. Needs:

Reduced xp from combat. There are 25, 50, and 75% versions of this. Use as needed/wanted with above mods. While divine scaling warrants this, you could drop it and just be level 27 fighting level 30 enemies, but if your team goes above 30, I’ve heard things get glitchy.

More Enemies

Several mods do this, and honestly I forget which ones are better/worse. I like the one that lets you add either +x number of enemies per encounter OR swap to +% of enemies per encounter. I used this on a 6 character party to add 50% enemies to even out the challenge, in addition to -75% xp and + some levels to enemies. It can be fun with AoE focused teams.


The last one I liked using was one that again, the name is escaping me, but it added random bonuses to enemies. You could scale this as well. Like stage one was +5% armor and hp on top of 1 extra random skill, then each additional stage up added 5% more armor, resists, and another skill. You could pick a minimum/maximum number of enemies to be affected, so at least one, or even all enemies could randomly just get buffed up to boss status. It can be unlucky and give things like a superconductor or laser ray at level 2, so use with caution.

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