DEVOUR – Useful Tips and Tricks (Hiding, Nightmare Mode, UV Light, and More)

This shows useful tips and tricks (hiding, nightmare mode, UV light, and more) for Devour.

Useful Tips and Tricks (Hiding, Nightmare Mode, UV Light, and More)

  • Nightmare mode disables UV light.
  • If you want to collect all 25 Roses, try single player without burning goats. They don’t have to be collected in a single run.
  • Hiding in a room with fleshlight off sometimes causes her to run past you, so it’s not always advisable to panic. The conditions of her seeking you out and actually finding you are yet unclear.
  • All items spawn infinitely (as of the current patch, if they do not then it is a bug).
  • Making the game rather easy with a full group with one guy dedicated to finding medkits and killing demons.
  • She grows horns after burning the 6th goat, indicating that she is more aggressive.
  • You can lure goats into a room and lock them inside for easy access later.
  • Calming her down depends on the number of goats sacrificed. The more goats sacrificed the harder it gets to calm her.
  • Goats 1-3 is very easy. Mostly one stun and she’s calm.
  • Goats 4-6 might take two stuns or more to calm her down.
  • Goats 7-9 and you’re gambling with your life. Stun and run. Hiding is the best method here.
  • On Nightmare mode you do not even get a UV light so stunning her or thinking about calming her down is not an option at all. Thus it is quite obvious that calming her down is not a reliable option.
  • From experience, I would stun and run when goat 7-8 is burned.
  • Stunning her when goat 9 is burned requires optimal conditions or she will catch you.
  • Also starting from Goat #7 I would not rely on calming her down at all. If it works, it’s only for short moments. Trying to calm her down excessively will cost you time and resources.
  • Further testing shows that you can definitely become completely invisible to her most of the time. Making the flashlight not only useless but counterproductive.
  • At this point, I use the flashlight rarely when I need to pinpoint a door or something. I use the UV only to strategically remove some of the demons that I know will become problems eventually.
  • It is often the safest method to just crouch in the dark and not move at all. She will literally bump into you at times and not grab you. Try it out yourself. 9/10 I am completely safe, running nightmare matches without getting grabbed once.
  • Also: Please don’t hog keys. Learn which keys there are and what doors they open. If you grab a key, pay attention to which one it is, and make sure to unlock that door as soon as you can. Nothing worse than having the office or library locked until the endgame. Or even worse, having only one door unlocked while another one is still locked, which could lead to an unfortunate end.


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  1. You say nightmare mode disable UV light but also say to have a person to gather med kits and kill demons. How do you kill the demons with the UV

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