DEVOUR – Guide to Catching Goats, Interacting Objects, Stopping Anna

It is a guide to catching goats, interacting objects, stopping anna in Devour.

How to Complete the Game

Objects to interact with
  • 1- Keys: to unlock the different doors of the house
  • 2- Hay: to attract the goats
  • 3- Goats: to be taken and brought to the altar
  • 4- Gasoline: to set the goats on fire at the altar
  • 5- Medikit: to raise a companion on the ground
  • 6- UV torch: to burn demons
  • 7- Roses and pages of the diary: not needed in game but collectible for achievements
How to catch goats

Look for hay, dropparlo ground by pressing G near the goat and wait for the eat, at that moment you can capture it by pressing E .

How to stop Anna?
  • You can run
  • You can stun her with the UV flashlight
  • You can lock yourself in a room by turning off the flashlight and crouching down.

Note: Some players have said that Anna can open the doors but the news is not sure.

What if Anna catches you?

You will be taken back to another point on the map and will be on the ground. The view will be in black and white and you will see illuminated objects with which you can interact (medkit-hay-petrol).

You can slowly crawl in search of your mate who will lift you up with the help of a medkit.


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