Devolverland Expo – Skipping All Videos

A guide on how to skip all videos in Devolverland Expo.

Skipping All Videos

This video is created for achievement hunters who want to repeat the game without wasting time on videos.


In short, we just have to switch original video files with some short ones.


  1. Go to your steam library.
  2. Right click on “Devolverland Expo” > “Properties” > In the new window click “Browse Local files”.
  3. Go to > “Devolverland_Expo” > “Content” > “Movies”.
  4. Now copy one of intro videos, doesnt matter which one (example Devolver_Startup_Logo_1080p_30.mp4).
  5. Go further to > “Trailers” > “Final”.
  6. Now paste this file into “Final” folder.
  7. Copy name of original trailer file ( example Blightbound-DevWalkthrough.mp4 ).
  8. Paste and Rename the file you just copied and delete original trailer file (right click > rename file >ctrl+a + ctrl+c > esc > delete file > rename copied one).
  9. Repeat for all 8 Trailer files.

by Lufka 

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