Devolverland Expo – How to Locate All Secret Items

A guide on how to locate all secret items in Devolverland Expo.

How to Locate All Secret Items?

Book 1/4 as soon as you enter the main hall after picking up the guest pass, at the bottom of the stairs to your immediate left.

Teacup 1/4 Upstairs in the Carrion room.

Bag 1/4 to the right of the Weird West room’s entrance

Teacup 2/4 On the side of the Weird West room

Book 2/4 directly in front of you after riding the small elevator up to the floor above

Teacup 3/4 On the table of the room where the credits are playing

Book 3/4 A dead end in the vents before falling outside into the next hall

Book 4/4 On a table in the Blightbound room.

Bag 2/4 Hanging off the side of the harpoon for the Olija room.

Bag 3/4 near where the serious sam trailer is playing

Teacup 4/4 Fall guys upstairs section, to the left of the trampoline

Bag 4/4 on the statue as you are leaving the Shadow Warrior room

Effects of finding everything

After you collect a set of secret items it will change up to 3 of the pictures on the website page after beating the boss and leaving:

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