Detroit: Become Human – Kamski and Secret Ending (How to Get)

A guide on how to get Kamski Ending in Detroit: Become Human. Also, it will show you secret ending (with video guide).

Kamski Ending Guide

Kara and Alice

To get the Kamski ending the fate of Kara and Alice is to die. A good place/final chance to do this is the Zlatko’s mission where you simply fail all the quick time events and get purposefully caught and shot.


As Connor you just simply have to fail your mission to find Jericho and get deactivated.


When playing as Marcus you have to either shoot/sacrifice yourself in the freedom march mission depending on the route you’ve taken. Personally I would recommend the peaceful one but it doesn’t matter.

And You’re Done + Credits and Stuff

If everything has gone as planned you should have gotten yourself the Kamski ending. I do seriously recommend playing the game first on your own to get your ending and learning about the game itself so this ending and guide make a lot more sense. also I’m going to insert a few youtube videos here that helped me make this and will hopefully help you if you are confused about something.

by J0nss0r

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