Destroy All Humans! – Pyrokenesis Achievement (How to Get)

A guideon how to get Pyrokenesis achievement in Destroy All Humans!.

Pyrokenesis Achievement Guide


In this guide you’ll learn quite quickly how to get this achievement, it’s really fast and really easy.

Alright let’s get to it!

Pyrokenesis Achievement

You’re here because you wanna know stuff right? Well here you go!

This achievement is available pretty much as soon as you get access to the Disintegrator Ray.

  • First go to the Turnipseed Farm.
  • Go to this area right next to the main farm complex.
  • Find a hay stack, I chose this one but any will do.
  • Use your Disintegrator Ray and set that beach ablaze and use your Phychokinesis to throw it into an unsuspecting earthling and kill them with it!

That’s all!


Your end result should look something like this:

by Well, I.

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