Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals – How to Remove Umbral Engram and Get More Inventory Space

A guide on how to remove umbral engram and get more inventory space in Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals.

How to Remove Umbral Engram?

Go to drifers office, in there should be a machine that should allow you to use these engrams and to complete the mission.

There is a workaround.

  • 1. Go onto another character.
  • 2. As soon as the game loads you into Io to begin the story, immediately return to orbit and go to the Tower to see Drifter.
  • 3. Drifter should have an umbral engram available as part of an abandoned quest. Take it.This should progress the rest of the quest across all characters and save your soft-locked character.

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How to Get More Inventory Space?

You can not increase that amount. Only thing to do is either store them in your vault or to dismantle the weakest and oldest guns you never use anyway.

how to store them to my vault?

Go to the tower and on the right side, you have something like ATM in the wall that’s the vault you interact and then just click on them that you wanna leave in the vault.

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  1. What happenss when you collect 10 umbral engrams but didn’t complete the quest to dycrypt them?

    • Load another character
      Quit out of the Io mission
      Go to the Drifter
      And pick up the engram as an abandoned quest
      Redeem it
      Then your main character will be able to decode their engrams.

      • Just create a new character?

        • Is the Ingram and The Drifters inventory or what I’m really having trouble with this one and I can’t find it nor do I know how to get rid of my 10 ingrams

        • Yup, you need to create a new one, then finish the quest from that character, then login to your main character.


          • Wait so I created a new character and did the bare minimum and I still don’t go to the io face of darkness quest when I join in for that character so how much of the new character do I need to do until I can do this process

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