Destiny 2 – How to Get Secret Victories Emblem

A guide on how to get secret Victories Emblem in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2

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How to Get Secret Victories Emblem?

The original way to get it was to do something to obtain one of its emblem variants, and the first one that dropped would also give you the base version too, Secret Victories. So people might suggest to do Tier II Blind Well (for ‘Drink at the Well’) or do the Ascendant Challenge Time Trials (for ‘Transcendent’). Both methods would give you Secret Victories.

In Season 10, all emblem variants have been turned ino emblems in their own right. That seems to have broken Secret Victories by leaving it without a drop source, because no one ever got it alone, it came with something else. So anyone who wants to give an answer will need to confirm that they definitely earned it in Season 10 or 11 and didn’t just get it using the old method which no longer works.

Now I have seen people say it drops from doing the 6 standards, non-time-trial Ascendant Challenges, I’m not sure if that was true. But I’ve seen about a dozen posts about Secret Victories on Bungie’s own forums, all with people saying this method has not worked, and people just suggesting the pre-Season 10 methods, and nothing from Bungie confirming it either way.

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  1. I just got my Secret Victories emblem today after doing 5 weeks of Ascendant Challenges; I can vouch that as soon as you unlock the Dreaming City triumph for completing all 6 ascendant challanges (not time trial), you will unlock the emblem as well.
    – 2020/07/08

    • Did you have to speak with Toland in the Ascendant Challenges as well or just completing all six and got the emblem?

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