Desperados III – Mission 2 (Byers Pass) Walkthrough

This walkthrough will help you how to complete mission 2 (Byers Pass) in Desperados III.

Mission 2 Walkthrough

Advanced Along the Train

Kill guards with gun.

Hide dead bodies and use the ladder.

Kill the guard using both your guns on the train.

Get the Dinamite

Call both characters to the trees and sneak here:

Use McGoy to throw the bag in front of guard and then kill him with Cooper.

Then the other one will come to the area and kill him.

After killng guards, you will find buntline hints. This gun is only used by McGoy.

Use Cooper and to lower the ladder. In this way, McGoy can come to the up.

Please use buntline to kill guard; otherwise you will make noise.

Save hostages here:

Cross the train and kill enemies as follows:

Clear Tunnel

Go to up in train station or mine and then reach dynamite point. Throw dynamite to the rock:

Meet at Meeting Area

It is done.

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