Desperados III – Flagstone Mission Walkthrough and Achievements

This walkthroguh will help you on how to complete Flagstone mission and get achievements in Desperados III.

Flagstone Mission Walkthrough

Be careful the guy here since he does not kill by one shot. Therefore, you need to use two characters’ weapons to kill him:


Kill 4 DeVitt Company Thugs:

  • Jarvis
  • Wild Marge
  • McBane
  • The Duke

Return to Saloon

How to Get Achievements?

  • Bury Josh
  • Listen in on 10 private conversations (10)
  • Kill 3 mission targets at the same time
  • Speedrun Complete the mission in under 0700 minutes
  • Complete the mission on Hard difficulty
  • Make the deaths Of 4 targets look Like accidents (4)
  • Don’t kill or knock out anyone in the train track area
  • Don’t touch any bushes or haystacks

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