Deep Rock Galactic – How to Fin Secret Cube (Alien)

A guide on how to find secret cube (alien) in Deep Rock Galactic

How to Fin Secret Cube (Alien)

Here I will tell and show what kind of mysterious cube it is.

Secret Cube (Alien)

In the game, it is called “ERR: // 23¤Y% /”, is one of the rarest resources of the game (I think it is equal to the “Bitter Stone” rarity). It’s quite beautiful in itself, and the mine too.

This is how the cube itself looks: This is how its field looks: It, like the rest of the resources of this type, can be loaded into the MUL without any problems. After returning from the mission, it will appear in your repository (and in the 25th update, it began to appear as a resource with its icon), but nothing can be done with it; it is not used in equipment improvements or the discoveries of the new “cosmetics”, nor can it be exchanged in a mineral store, that is, it is absolutely useless.

At the moment, even the developers do not know what to do with this cube. Now he is simply mistaken for an Easter egg, and some players think that this is really a mistake.

Interesting Facts

  • When the cube is marked with a laser pointer, dwarves will make curious remarks, such as: “I wonder if it is edible,” “Strange thing,” “What the hell?” (I honestly do not remember verbatim what they say in Russian subtitles)
  • The cube could be obtained by destroying Christmas gifts at the appropriate event.
  • In game files, a cube is called a “precursor artifact.”
  • According to the achievement “What is it?” (collect 5 cubes), the cube is hot to the touch and smells of tar.


That’s all, the article is over.

Write how many such cubes you found, and what was your first reaction.

Rock and Stone, as a speaker! Good luck dwarves.

By hikka <3

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