Deep Rock Galactic – Guide to Cooking (Bugs, Flies, Swarms, etc.)

A guide on how to cook Glyphids (bugs, flies, swarms, etc.) in Deep Rock Galactic

Guide to Cooking (Best Way to Glyphids)

Required Stuff

First u need the chef clothes that looks like dis:

Other thing:

  • -flamethrower
  • -pickax
  • -bag
  • -sanity
  • -will to live

You also need a crew, here is the elite version:

Price: 150k credits

As you can see, they are dedicated to the job and nothing else, no fugg0try in here

But chances are u are a big fat useless being that cant afford this and also has no connections to the mafia so instead you might end up with these:

Price: your soul

Everyone is distracted, drunk, lazy and have brain damage, one of them set the workstation on fire already too!!!

Then get a toy to j0ck 0ff so you dont start thinking about quitting ur career cause it has no future:

You also need a stove, make sure its clean otherwise you will get ebola!

Also get propane, mission kontrol sells it for 2000 million creditz but u can steal it from the bar once u knok out the robot:

Ez Cooking

  • Name: Living Bag
  • Serving size: 1.5 people
  • Hazards: full of roks
  • Cooking level: ⭐️⚪⚪⚪⚪
  • 1/5 (braindead easy)
How to do it:

Walk them with a pick0x until they die, then grab the carcass and place it on the stove, turn to 1000c for 5 minutes, make sure to move it around then season with salt

  • Name: Swarmar
  • Serving size: 0.5 people
  • Hazards: none
  • Cooking level: ⭐️⚪⚪⚪⚪
  • 1/5 (braindead easy)
How to do it:

Use a flamethrower if u want instant cooking, or throw them in a blender to make cheese later on, otherwise put them on a microwave on high for 2 minutes, watch out for the crunchy and popping sounds they make

  • Name: Glyphid Warrior
  • Serving size: 1.0 people
  • Hazards: none
  • Cooking level: ⭐️⚪⚪⚪⚪
  • 1/5 (braindead easy)
How to do it:

Hit them on the mouth for better flavor, make sure to remove the teeth unless you want cancer! Place on stove once dead and cook them slowly at 400c until they turn yellow, then serve with onions

  • Name: Petorian
  • Serving size: 3.0 people
  • Hazards: can make you puke
  • Cooking level: ⭐️⭐️⚪⚪⚪
  • 2/5 (noob)
How to do it:

Get rid of the legs and green plates cause they taste like hell, also remove the glowing bulb on the back unless you want acid on ur meal, throw it on a large propane oven and turn it to 1500c for 3 minutes, make sure the thing turns white and doesn’t burn!

Harder Cooking

  • Name: Warden
  • Serving size: 2.0 people
  • Hazards: none
  • Cooking level: ⭐️⭐️⚪⚪⚪
  • 2/5 (noob)

Extra requirement:

How to do it:

You cant cook these normally so make sure u use a spiky grenade to explode them, aim for the glowing ball they have, so you don’t destroy the rest of the body! Once dis is done, serve with grape soda and some Swarmar cheese

  • Name: Flying Goo Bug
  • Serving size: 2.5 people
  • Hazards: do not eat the wings or head
  • Cooking level: ⭐️⭐️⚪⚪⚪
  • 2/5 (noob)
How to do it:

Destroy the head cause its full of botulinum toxin, remove the hanging things below it and blend them to make the caustic seasoning, once this is done, put the thing on a grill, use coal, then cook for 10 minutes, spill oil on it to make it burn faster! Serve with fries or chili

  • Name: Abduction Bug
  • Serving size: 1.0 people
  • Hazards: do not eat the wings
  • Cooking level: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⚪⚪
  • 3/5 (finally good)
How to do it:

Remove the legs, those are sharp as f000k, understood?!

Use a flamethower if u want to cook it while j0cking off to anime, otherwise move it to a smoker and stuff it with clams, shrimp and shark meat, leave it smoking the entire night then eat it

  • Name: house fly
  • Serving size: 1.0 people
  • Hazards: super toxic
  • Cooking level: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⚪⚪
  • 3/5 (finally good)
How to do it:

The glowing stomach is the best part, so make sure you don’t destroy it, once u kill one of these, throw it on a frying pan and bath in bleach to remove the toxic cover it has, make sure it’s all done at steady 800c for 7 minutes, serve with a side of bread and garlic

Now We’re Cooking!

  • Name: Jellyfish Factory
  • Serving size: 3.5 people
  • Hazards: none
  • Cooking level: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⚪
  • 4/5 (tryhard)
How to do it:

This is almost infinite food as long as you don’t kill the thing, but if you get tired of jellyfish, blast it with some rockets or explosives, then grab the remains and stuff them inside a microwave or stove, power on high, or the stove on 900c for 5 minutes, make sure to get both sides cooked! Serve with ocean water for drinking

  • Name: Spitballer
  • Serving size: 5.0 people
  • Hazards: acids
  • Cooking level: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • 5/5 (legendary tryhard)
How to do it:

This is the hardest to cook so pay attention!

You need a live specimen otherwise the acids destroy the body, so to do this, tell ur entire crew to move it with a truk, get a giant microwave and place it inside, max power for 20 minutes, once the thing falls over and turns brown, remove the insides and eat everything else, serve it with swarmar cheese, caustic seasoning, and any of the other recipes!

Spices & Hallicinogenics

These are for good flavor, get them if u see them!

Blue glowing salt:

Substitute for ocean water if u cant find that in this forsaken planet for some reason, use a hammer until it turns into fine powder

Red spice:

Tastes like cinnamon & salt at the same time, two problems solved at once!

Orange ball:

Tastes like a real orange, better than fanta (pls dont sue aaaaaaaaaaaa)

Grape ball:

by Adine

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