Deathloop – 100% Achievement Guide (How to Get All)

This shows 100% achievement guide (how to get all) for Deathloop.

100% Achievement Guide (How to Get All)

This is a full achievement guide for Deathloop.

Guide Structure

Most achievements will be listed separately but others may be grouped together.

You can use ‘Ctrl + F’ to search for a specific achievement.

  • Unmissable story related achievements.

Basic Combat Achievements


  • “While playing as Colt, cause someone to fall to their death.”

Use ‘V’ to kick an enemy off a ledge and too their death. There is an enemy on a ledge in the opening section (‘The Longest Day’) when you first get the machete. I’m sure there are plenty of enemies near ledges you can earn this achievement from.

Chop Chop

  • “Kill 3 enemies with the machete in 10 seconds.”

The machete must is always equipped. Earning 3 kills within 10 seconds will get you the achievement, both stealth takedowns and melee kills count.

Slab Related Achievements

Forever Yours

  • “Infuse a Slab.”

After obtaining a Slab other than Reprise, use Residuum to infuse it in your loadout.

Spare No Expense

  • “While playing as Colt, own all upgrades for a Slab.”

Unlocked by fully upgrading a Slab. You can upgrade Slabs by killing the Visionary who had that Slab repeatedly. Julianna also drops Slabs you can use to upgrade but they are random each time.

Target Specific Achievements

Alpha Burger

  • “Kill Aleksis using his meat grinder.”

Power Chord

  • “Kill Frank using a Slab ability. Take a bow.”

Game Over

  • “Kill Charlie within the rules of Condition Detachment.”

Quantum Solution

  • “Kill all versions of Wenjie within a 90-second period. Simple.”

Judgement Day

  • “Kill Harriet with poisonous gas.”

Didn’t See It Coming

  • “Kill Fia without causing a deadly reaction.”

During Fristad Rock – Noon, take down Fia without alerting her. You can do this by not triggering any alarms when infiltrating the bunker and also not being spotted by her (stealth takedown). Alternatively, you can deactivate the reactor (more info soon).

Not-So-Invisible Man

  • “Kill Egor while he’s under the influence of a nullifier.”

Violent Delights

  • “Kill Charlie and Fia with a single bullet.”

Old Habits Die Hard

Old Habits Die Hard

  • “Enter 0451 at a keypad.”

Simply put the code 0451 into any keypad in the game. I used the keypad in the opening segment.

This is a reference to Ray Bradbury’s ‘Fahrenheit 451’ and many other games series share this Easter egg.

Die, Die, And Die Again

Die, Die, And Die Again

  • “After acquiring Reprise, die for real – or what passes for real in the Loop.”

For this you must die repeatedly until your out of lives and then die once more.

Residual Earnings

Residual Earnings

  • “Absorb more than 20000 Residuum in a map.”

You earn this achievement for collecting at least 20,000 Residuum on a single map. It does not include Residuum you entered the map with. Should be fairly straight forward on a map with two Visionaries, also defeating an invading Julianna is good.

Dead Drop

Dead Drop

  • “Absorb Residuum from a body – like some kind of temporal sponge.”

You will likely unlock this upon killing your first Visionary (other than Wenjie). Collecting Residuum from your own body also counts.

Nowhere To Run To

Nowhere To Run To

  • “Take out an invading Julianna while playing as Colt.”

Julianna will invade Colt during the first mission (when ). This will be an AI Julianna and not a player making it very easy to kill for the achievement. This can be earned offline or online.

Online Achievements

These can be earned with a friend who owns the game.

Nowhere To Hide

  • “While playing as Julianna, cross Colt off your kill list.”

Play the ‘Protect the Loop’ mode and kill Colt (the other player) until they run out of lives. This can be earned with a friend.

Dressing Down

  • “As Julianna, disguise yourself as Colt using Masquerade.”

Play the ‘Protect the Loop’ mode and use Julianna’s special Slab called ‘Disguise’ on the other player (Colt). This will unlock the achievement. Can be earned with a friend.

Story Related (Unmissable)

Gooooood Morning, Blackreef!

  • “Escape to Updaam.”

Unlocked after the first section of the story.

Welcome to Blackreef

  • “Complete ‘The Longest Day.’”

Complete your first investigation.

All the Live-Long Day

  • “Survive all 4 time periods in one day.”

Earned for surviving your first loop and reawakening on the beach.

Pieces of Eight

  • “While playing as Colt, kill Frank. Or Charlie. Or Fia. Or Wenjie. Or Aleksis. Or Harriet. Egor will do as well.”

Ensemble Tragedy

  • “Kill each Visionary at least once.”

Pieces of Eight is earned for killing your first Visionary. Ensemble Tragedy is earned for killing each Visionary once.

Baby, You’re a Firework

  • “Complete ‘The Ballad of Ramblin’ Frank.’”


  • “Complete ‘Lost in Transmission.’”

Complete the quest around the Visionary Egor.

Dangerous Liaison

  • “Complete ‘Afternoon Delight.'”

An Offer She Can’t Refuse

  • “Complete ‘What Wenjies Want.’”

Beyond The Horizon

  • “Complete ‘Radio Silence.’”

One Perfect Day

  • “Complete ‘Ending It.’”

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